Holding Onto Nothing is the story of Parker Lowell, a fifteen year old native of Rochester, New York whose search for his long lost twin brother is about to end in a way he never could have imagined.

Prologue Chapter Seventeen Chapter Thirty-Four Chapter Fifty-One
Chapter One Chapter Eighteen Chapter Thirty-Five Chapter Fifty-Two
Chapter Two Chapter Nineteen Chapter Thirty-Six Chapter Fifty-Three
Chapter Three Chapter Twenty Chapter Thirty-Seven Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter Four Chapter Twenty-One Chapter Thirty-Eight Chapter Fifty-Five
Chapter Five Chapter Twenty-Two Chapter Thirty-Nine Chapter Fifty-Six
Chapter Six Chapter Twenty-Three Chapter Forty Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter Seven Chapter Twenty-Four Chapter Forty-One Chapter Fifty-Eight
Chapter Eight Chapter Twenty-Five Chapter Forty-Two Chapter Fifty-Nine
Chapter Nine Chapter Twenty-Six Chapter Forty-Three Chapter Sixty
Chapter Ten Chapter Twenty-Seven Chapter Forty-Four Chapter Sixty-One
Chapter Eleven Chapter Twenty-Eight Chapter Forty-Five Chapter Sixty-Two
Chapter Twelve Chapter Twenty-Nine Chapter Forty-Six Chapter Sixty-Three
Chapter Thirteen Chapter Thirty Chapter Forty-Seven Chapter Sixty-Four
Chapter Fourteen Chapter Thirty-One Chapter Forty-Eight Chapter Sixty-Five
Chapter Fifteen Chapter Thirty-Two Chapter Forty-Nine Chapter Sixty-Six
Chapter Sixteen Chapter Thirty-Three Chapter Fifty Chapter Sixy-Seven


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